French Drain

French drains protect against foundation water damage.

French drains Dallas, Fort Worth, TX] Why install French drains? Because they solve foundation drainage issues. Water around houses can cause serious foundation damage. Whether you’re in Dallas or Fort Worth, French drains, drainage problems and foundation issues are worth learning about. Contact Mendoza Foundation Repairs for a free drainage estimate. We service the entire DFW metroplex.


About French Drains In Dallas, Fort Worth:

  • French drains are installed directly next to house foundations. They’re needed due to large amounts of rainfall and flash flooding in the area. Even 2-3″ of rainfall at one time can be problematic.
  • When water slowly seeps beneath a foundation, heaving can occur. This causes damage. French drains are an excellent solution. They prevent ground water from saturating the soil beneath slab and pier and beam foundations.
  • The drainage installation process for French drains in and around Dallas, Fort Worth is usually completed in 1-2 days.
  • Positioning these types of drains involves hand digging an approximately 18″ deep trench directly around your foundation. They are designed to discharge water away from your house.
  • These systems help to prevent moisture, mold and mildew in crawl spaces. They also protect concrete slab foundations.
  • If you’re in Dallas, get an free evaluation for a French drain. Homeowners in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Collin County, Ellis, Dallas County and other areas can obtain no-cost estimates, too.


How French Drains Stop Foundation Damage, Water Issues:

They work in tandem with gutters to minimize moisture.

French drains are generally installed 12”-20” below grade. They re-direct rainwater and allow it to be emptied 10-50 yards (or even further) away from your house foundation.

If you have a negative slope on your Dallas property, installing a French drain will help. Fort Worth and other DFW metroplex property with improper soil grading should consider installing them, too.

While these drains are highly effective, they are meant to re-direct relatively small amounts of moisture, not huge volumes of water.


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